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Feest als maar feest

2015 No Rape Manifestatie in het Amsterdamse bos 

2016 NO Rape manifestatie op de Dam met Kerstmis  

Make your own 3D stoprape sculpture

How to make your own stoprape sculpture
On this page presents you techniques so you can create your own no-rape art.

Cardboard hands

You can download and print the pdf and create a simple cardboard model that you can put anywhere.
The pdf contains plans for models in formats from less then a half inch to about 7 inch.
All you need is a pair of scissors a cardboard knife and glue

Stop Rape

Hands created with a laser cutter
We created models and ear-rings with a laser cutter. You can download the plans and instructionsin SVG format and create models with your own laser cutter or in a 3D print shop.

Most browsers render SVG files.
You can view, edit and create SVG files with InkScape, a free professional vector drawing program for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux

Did you create a stop-rape hand from whatever material?

Would you like to share your imput?
Please make a selfie with your NoRape protest hand in your environment.
Mail the photo to We will add it to the NoRape campaign!

Women’s Day 2020 Call for action

Let’s create a worldwide symbol against rape, which is easy to make and show!
What does the “No Rape” protest sculpture look like?

Let’s make use of an universal “stop sign”: a stretched hand with spread fingers.
In the hand, there is a round empty space as a symbol of destruction.
The beam through the middle stands for an international no entry sign.
3 easy ways to create a NoRape symbol

1) The easiest way, is to draw the symbol inside your hand.
Draw the circle with the beam across it, in the palm of your hand with or without the text ‘No Rape’.
You can open your hand and show it.
2) Make a protest hand symbol against rape
Draw a line around your hand on cardboard, paper or wood
Enlarge the form to the size you want, then cut it out.
Now you have created your own NoRape hand! If you would like to, make a selfie with your NoRape protest hand, and mail it to:
3) Make a protest hand sculpture against rape.

Should you like to do this, you must create two hands instead of just one. You can design your own two hands, or download the PDF of the orange hands on our site ( Enlarge them if you would like.
Cut the hands out of paper, cardboard, wood, plexiglass etc.
Make a slit on top of one hand, and another one on the bottom of the other hand.
Your two hands are now ready to slide together.
You have now created an object that can stand by itself, a sculpture!

This will be your nonverbal protest symbol, your own support to a worldwide protest against rape.

Art about rape

Rembrandt wen lucas as al bezig

Hier komt tekst  over folders den haag man  mubeke


Kartonnen hand tegen de onmacht

Een hand die ‘stop’ zegt. Met dit nieuwe symbool gaat Godelieve Smulders over de hele wereld het kwaad van verkrachting te lijf. Te beginnen op de Dam.

Parool, 9-1-2017
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Antiliaans Dagblad 2018
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Antiliaans Dagblad
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